The UN Acting More Like a Criminal Organization Every Year

Why are we still in this organization? Asylum for sale: Refugees say some U.N. workers demand bribes for resettlement.

In separate interviews, more than a dozen other refugees said [UNHCR resettlement officer, David] Momanyi was known for taking bribes. One described the Kenyan as “the architect of corruption and refugee resettlement problems.”

And it isn’t just one guy, of course.

The allegations of corruption at the UNHCR are not limited to one man or one place. A seven-month investigation across five countries with significant refugee populations has found widespread reports of the UNHCR’s staff members exploiting refugees, while victims and staff members who report wrongdoing say the agency fails to act against corruption, leaving them vulnerable to intimidation and retaliation.

I usually call them the Useless Nitwits at the United Nations, but this is worse than just being incompetent.


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  1. What do you expect from an anti American and Israel organization filled with tinpot dictators, communists and socialists?? All corrupt….

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