Baltimore Hoping to Blame Anyone But Themselves

Because they have a lot of blame piled up. Eternally Blue: Baltimore City leaders blame NSA for ransomware attack.

This is from a week ago, but apparently not much has changed. And I wanted to see what created this catastrophe of no planning.

City Leaders would like it to be “all NSA’s fault,” but the truth is, they built this catastrophe day by day for the past decade.

Baltimore’s ongoing ransomware dilemma is in many ways a product of more than a decade of neglect of the city’s information technology infrastructure. Since 2012, four Baltimore City chief information officers have been fired or have resigned; two left while under investigation.

Baltimore spends about half of what similar cities do on Information Technology, and most of what they spend is not centrally controlled, so a push to fix problems – like hardening against ransomware – has almost no chance of moving forward.

The Current CIO hired Gartner Group to do a 5-year plan. Not much has been done. His report on the plan says, in part…

Decades of decentralized information technology (IT) management and insufficient enterprise investment has led to a system that struggles to support city priorities and deliver service improvements for both residents and businesses. Furthermore, many of the city’s IT capabilities are outdated and lack the modern-day range of capabilities offered by comparable cities.

He said that BEFORE they got hit with ransomware. So I can see why they want to blame anyone else.

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