Baltimore Wants You to Pay for Their Lack of Planing

Because even though they’ve been told for the past 4 years that they are doing things wrong, why should they be responsible for their actions. Baltimore calls for federal emergency declaration after cyber attack.

City council president wants the federal government to have a larger supporting role in helping the city recover from the attack that disabled computer systems and key citizen services.

This will tell every city, county and state that they don’t need to do anything about cyber security, because when bad things happen, and they will, the federal .gov will bail you out. Can you spell “blank check?”

What is happening in Baltimore isn’t a disaster. It is the completely predictable outcome of the way they have been managing information technology. Refusing to listen even to the people that they hired to fix the mess. I, for one, don’t want to pay for their stupidity. For details on that stupidity, see this link.


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