The Economy Under Obama

He was either batting 0 or 1000, depending on what the goal was. MEASURING PERFORMANCE: New Data Shows Absolute Economic Destruction During Obama Years.

His eight years did more to destroy America than any of past presidents, be they Democrat or Republican.

Look and study these few charts:

Yes, click thru and study the charts. Student loans, workforce participation, government debt, food stamps, and more.

While the graphs are fascinating, there isn’t much detail in that post. I’m not the only one who feels that way. Obamanomics, Revisited (Updated). Where Hondo, at This Ain’t Hell…, does a deep dive into the data. (There are links to the source, at St. Louis Fed’s Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) site.

So, what’s my take overall? The original GP article is a mixed bag. Its charts are all over the board – some are spot on, while others are accurate as far as they go but fail to tell the whole story. Some are misleading, and one may be flat-out inaccurate. And none cover the entire prior Administration; some cover barely half of it.

Nonetheless, many if not most of the conclusions implied in the GP article are IMO valid. That’s true even though there’s nowhere near enough data presented in the GP article to support its claims.

Anyway, if you’re interested in hardcore economic statistics (isn’t everyone?) I can recommend the second article. The first is good to, but rigor is the word of the day. I am sick to death of the 21st Century’s focus on FEELINGS.