The NYPD Apologizes for the Stonewall Raid

A couple weeks before the 50th anniversary of the raid, NYPD apologizes. NYPD sorry for ’69 raid at now-landmark Stonewall gay bar.

Of course a bunch of people who were not involved, and not even part of the NYPD 50 years ago, apologize for something that a bunch of other people did. This only makes sense in the 21st Century. Do you think any of the cops who were actually involved in the raid would have apologized? Me neither. (Who should apologize for the sacking of Rome? The burning of the library at Alexandria? The siege of Troy?)

Of course it’s political.

Organizers of what is expected to be a massive LGBT Pride celebration in the city this year had called this week for police to apologize. So had City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who is gay.

So now that’s done, the NYPD never has to think about its history vis-à-vis gays again.

And the apology is better than how the Fort Worth police department and Texas liquor board, handled the 40th anniversary. Stonewall… Revisited? Fort Worth Bar gets raided the night before the 40th anniversary of Stonewall. Hey, it was just a coincidence that they raided a gay bar the night before the anniversary of Stonewall. The Texas liquor board released a report stating that the fact that it was a gay bar was not an issue. Cops and bureaucrats wouldn’t LIE, would they?

Here’s a link to a post on the history of stonewall from the archives.