The People Responsible Are Oblivious

This story has been in my news feeds, but this is the first time I’ve seen a cause of the accident mentioned. Body of missing Texas police chief is found after he fell overboard while on a fishing trip with his wife two days ago.

Chris Reed, 50, wasn’t wearing a life jacket when a huge wave caused by a large passing boat knocked him into Galveston Bay on Friday.

How do I know they are oblivious? Because I’ve been swamped by large powerboats throwing a tremendous wake. Most of them don’t even seem to know that it can be a problem.

And it doesn’t sound like the family knows the name/make of the boat in question, so there will be no justice. (Negligent homicide? Manslaughter? Felony stupidity?) And if I was one to take a bet, my bet would be that the people on that large boat were drinking alcohol. Everything bad that I witnessed around the water, always involved alcohol.