You Miss Payments And Your Car Will Be Repossessed. Unless…

Unless you are a New York City cop. A Tow Truck Driver Repossessed an NYPD Officer’s Car. Then, He Ended up in Handcuffs.

Just because he missed payments, and the bank had already repossessed the car, didn’t mean it wasn’t stealing. Or something.

But the repo man said he told them it wasn’t that easy: once a car is on the tow truck and logged in, it’s the bank’s property.

Rodriguez said police then surrounded him, accused him of auto theft, and arrested him for possession of stolen property — a felony.

“This is totally wrong. This should have never happened,” said Rodriguez’s boss, Anthony Destefano.

The felony charge disappeared in favor of misdemeanors, but his truck hasn’t been released. Nor has an iPhone, iPad or laptop been returned.

When asked about the incident, the NYPD said, “A male victim stated to police that an unlicensed tow truck was in possession of his vehicle without authorization” and that after a “police investigation,” Rodriguez was arrested and charges were filed.

Rodriguez has already retained an attorney and says he is contemplating moving ahead with a lawsuit against the NYPD.

Can’t have the Little People thinking that cops have to live by the same rules. What kind of Police State would it be if the Cops had to follow the rules?