People Are Actually Saying Apple’s $999 Monitor Stand is “Worth It”

In what universe?

So Apple came out with a new Mac. Starting price is just under six grand. Starting. And if you want 2 monitors, the stand costs 1000 bucks. I don’t think they offer more than 2.

In 2017, a lightning strike hit near my house. Fried the motherboard on a PC, took out my monitor, and one piece of non-computer-related electronics. So I splurged (a bit) and bought 2 monitors and a monitor stand. Amazon is selling that stand today for $32. There are 4 monitor stands for production environments. And probably more, but 2 works well for me. The basic quad is 50 bucks, and the “fully adjustable” more like $75.

But go ahead and overpay. That’s what Apple is all about.

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  1. Apple products seem to be a thing for libs and leftists….a group not known for rationality or skills with things like math, finance, cost vs benefit……

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