When a Democratic Mayor of LA Loses the LA Times…

Or at least a columnist at the LA Times. But then LA is in bad shape, or at least parts of it are. Welcome to Garcetti’s L.A.: Heaps of trash, hordes of rats and very little leadership.

Homelessness. Garbage. Rats. Disease. The column covers those things and more. Some, maybe even most, you’ve seen before. After all, LA’s problems didn’t start last week.

But one of the things that could help in the fight against bureaucratic red-tape is affordable housing. An apartment complex made out of shipping containers. One was built. The other is stuck in bureaucratic hell. Or at least it is moving very slowly.

Here’s another blood pressure alert:

A proposed project just like the one I visited has gotten jammed up at City Hall, where it awaits a building permit. Parks said the apartments could have been completed by this summer. Instead, early next year is the best hope.

“They’ve known for two years that they’ve had to build affordable housing fast,” said Gary Foster, a People Concern board member who can’t believe public officials are moving at a snail’s pace in an emergency, even when private citizens raise a hand to help.

See the post about the tin-pot despots found in another building department.

I’m not a fan of stuff built out of shipping containers, but they are probably better than tent cities, and California needs to do something about housing. Something besides making it more expensive by adding requirements for solar or whatever.