Basic Skills 101

Because parents can’t be bothered to teach their kids anything. High School Offers Adulting 101 Classes, Teaches Kids to Change Flat Tires.

I learned to drive before cellphones were everywhere. So you couldn’t just call AAA, or your insurance company’s roadside assistance program.

But I didn’t learn this stuff in school.

The videos have been removed (due to hysterical laughter?), but either Lowe’s or Home Depot had series of basic videos that included things like “How to use a screwdriver.” I don’t think most people can afford to own a home, if they don’t know how to do minor repairs. But that’s me. I didn’t start out expecting to own a home with an acre of granite in the kitchen. (Hat tip to Wirecutter, who started me looking for a source.)

So do they know how to cook? I’m pretty sure that they don’t know CPR or first aid.