Phishing or Comedy? You decide

A little of both. New Phishing Campaign From ‘FBI Director Wray’ is Hysterical.

This is way better than the Nigerian emails.

Many scam emails are well crafted and their associated phishing sites are spot on, but sometimes you see ones that are so ridiculous that you have no choice but to laugh.

Such is the case with a phishing email that states it’s from “”, has a subject of “Attension: Beneficiary”, and pretends to be from “FBI Director Christopher Wray”. This phishing email is not new, but someone must have restarted its campaign recently as it is starting to pop up again.

Supposedly the FBI Director is emailing you to give you 10 million dollars (and change). Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

The truly sad thing is that some percentage of people (hopefully a small percentage, but probably not 0) will think this is legit, and get pulled in.