Would You Hire Any Oberlin Alum?

Oberlin students seem confused on some basic Right vs Wrong issues. This college lawsuit was the needed pushback against the ‘woke’ apocalypse. (The story that just won’t quit.)

It is wrong to steal, even if you are an Oberlin student, even if you are a member of a historically oppressed group. But the Oberlin worldview is opposed to such simplistic truths, and students immediately began protesting Gibson’s on the theory that, because the store stopped black kids from shoplifting, it must be racist.

The fact that Oberlin students don’t realize that stealing is wrong, and stopping people from stealing is not wrong is further proof that going to a crazy college is not a good idea. I doubt their parents wanted them to believe that stealing was OK.

So the students are confused on the fact that stealing is wrong. Would you hire any of them to work in your business? What would they feel justified in stealing? Computers? Client lists? I doubt that any of them would end up in IT, but would they install cryptomining everywhere if they did? I mean, they don’t seem to understand the following: Stealing. Is. Wrong.

For more on that see this link on the Culture of Theft at that school.


3 thoughts on “Would You Hire Any Oberlin Alum?

    • If you really needed to steal something, I doubt the snowflakes at Oberlin are actually competent. I could be mistaken.

      One article somewhere talks about how the administration was afraid to piss off the students because 18-year-olds throwing temper tantrums are tough to deal with. They throw their food on floor for starters, just like they did when they were 2.


  1. Rhetorically speaking; Are you nuts?
    Any company’s HR manager should be immediately dismissed for cause if they do anything but chuck the resume’ of an Oberlin graduate in the circular file as soon as it was read.

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