Saturday Links

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ. Company Proposes, Exhibits Standing-Room Only Airplane “Seating”

Take this back. This is not the future I ordered. No, I don’t know who ordered this. No one ordered it, I would expect.

I would like you to make a whole new future, the one I specifically ordered. I need a total re-do.

Adaptive Curmudgeon – A Cord Of Wood

It’s enough to make a man go metric!

Legal Insurrection – #WalkAway’s Straka sues LGBT Center for talk cancellation

Stories that can’t be heard

Pirate’s Cove – Poop And Hypo Laden San Francisco Looks To Ban Sale Of E-Cigarettes You didn’t expect them to spend time on the real problems of the day, did you?

EBL – Housing alone will not solve homelessness, because the real issue is not a lack of homes…

The Firearms Blog – POTD: Glock 34 Deadpool Edition “Maximum Effort!”

Tam at View From The Porch – How To Social Media (and How Not To) When will organizations stop asking random web users to name things? Probably never.

Again from Ace – Oberlin College Administrator Testifes That Oberlin Is Worse Than a Nursery School More reasons no one should go to Oberlin.

Oberlin adminstrator says that the school had to be cautious about contradicting student shouting about racism, otherwise they’d throw their food on the floor in the cafeteria.

He admits that is sub-nursery school behavior.

Ann Althouse – I wouldn’t have cared in the slightest about watching the new Taylor Swift video…

…. but The Federalist was going on about it

The Other McCain – LGBT Totalitarians Lose Again These lawsuits have nothing to do with tolerance.

Natural News – California State University bans Christian clubs, calls them “discriminatory” Because they only accept Christians.