Self-defense May or May Not Be Legal in New York

JusticeBecause NY hates self-defense, and anything that lets the Little People think they can do for themselves. You should rely on The State, even if they can’t provide in a crisis. Recent Utica-area homicides put self-defense laws in focus.

They say “It’s complicated.”

When making decisions about whether a homicide is justified, McNamara said prosecutors scrutinize the fine points. Details such as the ages of those involved, health conditions and available weapons, for example, can change the narrative.

Because if they think they have a ghost of a chance of convicting someone, then they will go for it. It is all about win/loss. Justice? Don’t make me laugh; they don’t care about Justice.

Consider the following:

In 2017, there were just two cases across the state that were ultimately deemed justifiable homicide — instances where a person, while committing a felony, was killed by a private citizen, according to FBI data.

What about the cases where the law-abiding citizen defended themselves, but the bad guy wasn’t killed? I guess that isn’t an interesting statistic to the gun-hating Left.

Now compare that to Chicago, the largest city in Illinois that was the last state to allow concealed carry. Not in Illinois, but in Chicago there were 21 self-defense shootings in 2017, 13 of which were fatalities. (Stats via HeyJackass!) So far this year Chicago has seen 4 self-defense fatalities, and 7 additional shootings that have been deemed justified, but where the bad guy didn’t die. (Those are the stats as I’m writing this. The 2019 stats will change.) Chicago is not the heart of conservative country, by any means. But New York doesn’t want anyone to do anything on their own. Except to die, be robbed or raped, of course.