Reality Intrudes All the Way to Massachusetts

Reality, it’s what is true, even if you don’t want to believe it. Brighton Rabbi Asks Congregation To Bring Guns To Synagogue.

Amid a rise in hate crimes against Jewish people across the United States, Shaloh House — the Brighton synagogue the rabbi [Dan Rodkin] leads — has been improving safety measures with security cameras, reinforced glass windows, even panic buttons.

Despite these efforts, Rodkin worries a gunman might still get inside the synagogue and shoot his members.

And so, since you are the last line of your own defense, he wants his congregation to be armed, and he is planning to get training organized for new gun owners. Click the image for a larger view of the Graham Combat Killhouse Rules.

And this is NPR in Boston, so there is the usual hand-wringing over guns, but they actually include a pretty interesting quote from Rabbi Rodkin.

“In Judaism, life is the most sacred thing. Political correctness is important, too, but not as important as a life,” he says.

Of course the media will use that line as an excuse to outlaw guns. And then cars (when they are used as weapons), and knives, and iron pipe, and 2X4s, baseball bats, rocks, sticks, … (Hat tip for this goes to Slow Facts.)