A SWAT Raid for Housing Code Violations

No knock warrants were instituted so that drugs couldn’t be flushed down the toilet. Did they think she could flush the housing code violations down the toilet? Police Agree To Pay Woman $750,000 After Raiding Her House and Killing Her Dog Over an Unpaid Gas Bill.

That housing code violation? The electricity and gas were shut off due to non-payment. And for this they have a no-knock warrant, served by a SWAT team, kill the family dog and point weapons at children.

Definitely cops behaving stupidly.

Indeed, if St. Louis County police are empowered to knock down a door for minor code violations, they can effectively raid a house for anything, leaving property owners and residents with little assurance that their Fourth Amendment rights mean anything at all in St. Louis County.

But then your rights don’t mean anything. (Hat tip to Irons in the Fire.)

One thought on “A SWAT Raid for Housing Code Violations

  1. Next it will be that illegal rain barrel you have collecting rain water!!! Cause the Government can’t tax it!!


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