Sounds Like Red China Is Determined to Invade Taiwan

At least at some point in the future, and they are pissed that The United States is interfering. China cries foul at US Abrams, Stinger sale to Taiwan.

Shortly after news broke on Tuesday (July 9) that the U.S. State Department has approved US$2.2 billion worth of Abrams tanks, Stinger missiles, and other equipment, the Chinese government has cried foul at the deal, saying it represents “outside interference” with the “Taiwan question” and urged the U.S. to immediately cancel the deal.

Taiwan is not “internal” to Red China, no matter how much they say otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Sounds Like Red China Is Determined to Invade Taiwan

  1. Actually, the Nationalists in Taiwan claim to be the legitimate government of all of China. So they agree that Taiwan and China are one. It is the indigenous Taiwanese who want independence.


    • OK then, just like Red China had “no territorial ambitions” in Tibet in the 1940s, I guess Taiwan has nothing to fear.

      Of course the same could be said when Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula. Putin wasn’t rebuilding an empire. That would be just crazy. Obama assured us that kind of thing doesn’t happen in the 21st Century. Except of course when it does. (The Republic of Georgia probably has something to say about that as well.)


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