“Space Oddity” – July 11, 1969

50 years ago, David Bowie released a single from his 2nd Album, David Bowie. (That album was re-released in 1972 as Space Oddity, if you’re confused.) That single was “Space Oddity.” It seems like an important enough anniversary for an extra Musical Interlude this week.

If you didn’t hear it when it was new, you heard it when David Bowie passed away. Several producers turned it down. (It was a “gimmick.”) BBC played it as part of their Apollo 11 coverage until one of the producers actually listened to the lyrics. It isn’t about a successful space launch, after all. The link above is to the 2015 remastered version of the song. The “official video” (both videos) that Bowie made for the song is distracting.

This is a cover of “Space Oddity” by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield from 2013. It was filmed aboard the International Space Station. I quite like it. (When YT trips over the privacy settings in your browser, and says the embedded video is “unavailable,” use the link provided.)

Chris Hadfield also did a project with Bare Naked Ladies from the ISS, which isn’t great, but isn’t bad.

‡ Bowie’s 1967 debut album was titled David Bowie, and his 2nd album, from 1969, was also titled David Bowie. And you thought Peter Gabriel was being difficult when he did that for 4 albums. But of course the suits that run the American music industry can’t wrap their tiny minds around stuff like that.