Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela…

Did the UN manage to get something right? Amazing. Glavin: Damning UN report on Venezuela’s brutality must not be ignored. Even a broken clock is right once in a while.

There is a lot of spin out there. Certain Presidential candidates in the US, and politicians in Canada as well, want to say the Socialism is a good thing. To do that, they need to ignore Venezuela. And of course the Democrats (and their compatriots in Canada and Europe) would like all of the problems to be the result of US (and Canadian and European) sanctions.

Despite fashionable explanations, neither U.S. sanctions, nor European or Canadian sanctions, are anywhere near the cause of Venezuelan suffering. “The economy of Venezuela, particularly its oil industry and food production systems, were already in crisis before any sectoral sanctions were imposed,” Bachelet’s report concludes. The economy was in a tailspin long before the Trump administration’s August 2017 economic sanctions, which don’t fully kick in until later this month anyway.

Those sanctions may be “exacerbating” the effects of Venezuela’s economic collapse, but it began several years ago, owing to the gross incompetence and hubris of Hugo Chavez, Maduro’s predecessor and mentor. The collapse has continued in hyper-inflationary overdrive under Maduro,

It would be fun if the media would corner all the celebrities and politicians who congratulated the leaders of Venezuela on the wonderful job they were doing, to have those celebs say where things went wrong. But celebrities and politicians don’t get withing shouting distance of a real question if they can avoid it.