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Ace of Ace of Spade HQ starts us off with the Quote of the Week: CNN’s Ratings Crash and Burn, Along With Its Credibility as a “News” Organization.

It’s not time to panic.
March was the time to panic.

Bacon Time – Avoid Wikipedia Like The Plague !!!

Wikipedia is just Democrat propaganda and disinformation

Stately McDaniel Manor – The Second Civil War, Part 5: Chipping Away At Liberty. Read the whole series if you have time.

Pirate’s Cove – The UK Needs To Ditch The Free Economy To Stop Hotcoldwetdry Or Something.

Instapundit – OKLAHOMA! WHERE THE WIND COMES SWEEPIN’ DOWN THE PLAIN, AND THE RADIOACTIVE SNAKES CAN SURE SMELL SWEET: Oklahoma man allegedly driving stolen vehicle filled with uranium, a rattlesnake, and Kentucky Deluxe Whiskey. Florida Man takes backseat to Oklahoma Man.

New Jovian Thunderbolt – Oh nice. On the political grandstanding by “Governor I-was-only-a Klansman-at-Med-School.”

Gateway Pundit – Is this RussiaGate 2.0? Democrat Thugs Push DOJ to Investigate More GOP Donors.

Chicks on the Right – There We Go: AOC Claims Pelosi Is Targeting Her Because She’s a Racist.

Don Surber – Newspapers hurt democracy. A rather scathing review of the MSM in light of the closing of The Youngstown Vindicator.

The Bookworm Room – Adam Smith v. Karl Marx: Women’s Soccer Players and the Gender Wage Gap.

Adaptive Curmudgeon – Sail/Camp Adventure #2: Part 1: The Dread Of Group Projects. AC embarks on a new adventure.

Everything I write, including stories about talking trees, hopes to capture the moment. Even when masked for privacy, I’m truer than CNN.

Again from Ace of Ace of Spades HQ – Terminator: Dark Fate Using the Lady Ghostbusters Charm Offensive That Worked So Well. We take a break for our normal, political schedule for this Hollywood update from Ace.

When you’ve got a piece of shit on your hands, politicize the living f*** out of it, so when it flops, you can blame Toxic White Men.

DC Whispers – REPORT: Hatred Of POTUS Trump Rooted In Elites’ Hatred Of Everyday Americans.

Old AF Sarge – Without Fear. A quote from Techumseh, worth knowing (and living by).

Claire Wolfe of Living Freedom – Guest post: The Society of the Free and Easy (wants you).

The Other McCain – ‘Canadian Humanitarian,’ IYKWIMAITYD.

Again from The Other McCain – Anti-American Women Win World Championship of Anti-American Sport.

Also — and I hate to point this out, but somebody’s got to do it — would it be possible to allow some heterosexual players on the U.S. women’s team, just for the sake of “diversity” and “inclusion”?

Pirate’s Cove – Surprise: AOC’s Chief Of Staff Admits Green New Deal Not About ‘Climate Change’.


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