Another Local Municipality Makes Ransomware Payment

I’m sure the taxpayers are just fine with the $130K payment. La Porte County Pays $130,000 Ransom To Ryuk Ransomware.

Another public administration in the U.S. surrenders cybercriminal demands as La Porte County, Indiana, pays $130,000 to recover data on computer systems impacted by ransomware.

The attack occurred on Saturday, July 6 and was spotted before it propagated to all the computer on the network. The IT department reacted was able to confine it to less than 7% of the laptops.

Actually insurance covered 100K leaving the $30,000 to be picked up by taxpayers. Though if it was only laptops, then the question is, “What was on those laptops, why wasn’t anything critical on servers and backed-up?”

The other question is, “How long is insurance going to continue to pay out on this kind of things?”

One thought on “Another Local Municipality Makes Ransomware Payment

  1. I wrote to my county administrator, and a few other folks in local .gov a while back. Basically I was asking “Are we on the hook for a similar payment?” The answer? Insert sound of crickets here. Which I think means “if we ignore the problem, it might go away,” is standard operating procedure.


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