When You Call 911 You Expect the System to Work for You

The trouble is, that system is mostly people, and the procedures are designed by people. And people screw up. Audit shows structure, training problems with York County 911 center.

A detailed review of York County’s 911 center by an independent auditor shows that “the current organizational structure is not suitable for an operation of this complexity.”

Micromanagement. Improper training. Disorganized procedures. And more.

York County has had “publicized and longstanding challenges with its 911 center, contributing to public safety concerns among the emergency services community,” the release said.

So if your only plan in an emergency – of whatever kind – is to call 911, you might want to do a bit of work on that plan.

2 thoughts on “When You Call 911 You Expect the System to Work for You

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  2. 911 operators are not paid very much compared to many jobs. And thus they don’t draw from the
    brighter section of the work force. Yes….occasionally you get someone who can handle the job well and cares about doing it well…especially in small town/rural settings. In big cities the people who take such “civil servant” jobs are the lazy ones. The ones who dropped out of college…if they ever went. In short the useless ones who want to get paid just to show up. 911 operator horror stories are common….especially in big cities and places where a “melanin enhanced” workforce is more prevalent. In short if you have minimal standards and minimal pay for a job then you get minimally qualified applicants.


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