Only a Bureaucrat Could Construct a Tax Rate ABOVE 100%

Because multiple parts of the government don’t have to talk to each other. They are each masters of the the universe. At least in their own minds. One in three consultants and GPs may be hit by tax rules which are fuelling soaring waiting lists.

Politicians still haven’t figured out that they can’t repeal the law of unintended consequences.

One is a taper on annual earnings, which means doctors can end up paying more tax than they earn, on income of more than £110,000 a year, including rises in value of their pensions.

Even if they drop the tax back to 90%, where it was, they will still have trouble getting doctors to work overtime. Calculate your hourly rate (assume 2000 hours per year, though if you are salaried, you probably work more than that.) Divide that hourly rate by 10. How many hours of overtime would you be willing to work for that 10 percent? What other things would you rather do, like spend time with your family and friends, play sports, catch up on chores around the home, etc?

The result is delays all through the medical system.

The document [from the British Medical Association (BMA)] warns that the current situation is causing “significant financial concern” to a number of doctors, causing many to consider retiring or cutting their hours.

“Around a third of NHS consultants and GP practice partners have earnings from the NHS that could potentially lead to them being affected by the tapering annual allowance,” officials warn.

Even if they don’t retire, but cut their hours in half, that additional 16 or 17 percent of work would have to be taken up by the rest of the NHS. Who are already working overtime.

I can’t wait until our government totally controls health care.

3 thoughts on “Only a Bureaucrat Could Construct a Tax Rate ABOVE 100%

  1. I’m a doctor and the idea that I would be taxed at 90% plus some overhead?
    Yeah, not doing ANY extra work.

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  2. The bizarre aspect of this is the NHS staffer comment reported by the Guardian to the effect that Physicians make too much and we don’t have an issue with heavy taxes on them.

    NHS has an ongoing issue with Unintended Consequences it would appear.

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