Another Movie I’m Glad I Didn’t Pay to See

I had forgotten I was on the library’s waiting list for Aquaman. It has been a long time since I signed up for that. While I liked the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least before burnout set in, the DC Universe, aside from Wonder Woman, hasn’t worked well on the big screen. Some of the DC-based TV shows worked for a while.

The version of the DVD the library had only had one “special feature” about how the director was all about “world building.” It showed. The dialog was stilted, mostly because the delivery of the actors was wooden, or maybe the script was just that awful. Someone at DC should re-watch the original Spider-Man movie directed by Sam Raimi, for how to do superhero origin story, stay true to the material, and still make it fresh. Aquaman is a movie that is quite literally all about the special effects. I thought movie companies learned in the 1990s that isn’t enough to base a movie on. (Sometimes even bad movies can come with interesting ‘special features’ about how the movie was made.)

Anyway, I saw the movie, while having access to my own refrigerator, ( in another part of the house, but still), was able to stop the movie whenever, and was able to blog, surf the web, partake in the occasional Twitter storm, etc. So the 2 hours or whatever were not exactly wasted.

3 thoughts on “Another Movie I’m Glad I Didn’t Pay to See

  1. What a terrible movie. Reminded me of awful Godzilla movies. As if the dialogue was dubbed. Laughed out loud when i wasn’t supposed to.

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