Shoot First, Ask Questions Later, Then Lie About It

Law enforcement in the 21st Century. Upstate man shot by Greenville County deputy through own front door, attorney says. (There is a video at the site that won’t shut up. You’ve been warned.)

They guy was in his own home. A cop came to the door, but did not identify himself. The homeowner was armed. It was “just before midnight,” so being armed was a reasonable thing to do. The deputy shot him 4 times through the door sidelight. Then the deputy claimed (or the Sheriff’s dept. claimed) that the homeowner opened the door and pointed a gun at the cop. Body cam video refutes that, and the “statement” to that effect has been removed from the Sheriff’s F*c*book page.

Welcome to the Police State, where there will be no consequences for this guy. No fallout from the Sheriff lying about what happened. Though they are being sued.

And this was all in response to a “medical alert.” Someone needs to show the police how to make a phone call.

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