Saturday Links

A collection of not-quite-random links from the week that I found to be of interest. I hope your weekend is off to a good start.

The Silicon Graybeard – Milton Friedman

July 31st is the birthday of Milton Friedman (1912-2006).

The Other McCain – Her Superhero Name Was ‘Whorella’

Diogenes’ Middle Finger – Remind Me Again of Who’s Extreme??

Ace of Spades HQ – CNN “Journalist” Chris Cillizza Puts His Juvenile Twitter Thoughts Into “Article Format,” and “Real News” CNN Publishes

View From The Porch – “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”

Turns out that not only was Epstein a squillionaire with a bad case of the short eye, he was a legit Bond villain:

According To Hoyt – Justice!

The reason I was kicked out of kindergarten (stop laughing) was barracks lawyering. (Really stop laughing.)

Tammy Bruce – ‘Elites’ Flock to Italian Resort in Private Jets, Mega Yachts To Talk… Climate Change Irony, your name is Climate Change.

Geller Report News – Here’s who Democrats are praising when they praise Al Sharpton

Geller Report News – Florida: Muslim attacks man, screams “We are coming for you Trump. We are coming for you with knives.”

Chicks On The Right – If You’re White, You’re Raaaaaacist. And Alyssa Milano Deserves An Oscar.

Captain Capitalism – Why College and Weddings Are Economically Identical This one’s from 2017, but it still hits and important point.

David Thompson – Failure To Celebrate Detected In the victim-status-fight of gay vs Islam, who has more SJW points?

Legal Insurrection – Baltimore: Democrats use racism charge against Trump to deflect own malfeasance and neglect

Democrats didn’t care about abysmal living conditions among poor blacks in Baltimore until Trump criticized the situation.

Pirate’s Cove – Uh Oh: The Peace Corps Is Now Considered To Be “White Saviorism”

Seriously, this is Wokeness on steroids. Of course, if we got rid of the Peace Corps, that would then be called raaaaacist. There’s just no winning with these nutballs

Moonbattery – Compliments as Rape at Penn State

Complimenting women, coercing them at knifepoint, what’s the difference?

Power Line – Behind the Democrats’ Mueller own goal, Part Two Must have more the Mueller hearings

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