“Ministry of Truth” Marches on College Campuses

The erasure of history proceeds. And I’m not saying you have to like every monument. But if we remove everything that “offends someone” then there will be nothing left.

Are we surprised that Yale is at the top of the list? Yale’s controversial stone carving remains censored.

In August 2017, Yale University announced its decision to move a controversial stone carving from its library entrance and pledged at the time to make it “available for viewing and studying” elsewhere.

Two years later, the stone carving remains covered up at the entrance to Sterling Memorial Library

And removing evidence of Revolutionary War. (And what came after.) University of Virginia considers removing statue of Revolutionary War officer.

David Swanson is petitioning the public university to remove a nearly 100-year-old statue that depicts an American revolutionary on horseback clashing with Native Americans in combat.

God forbid that anyone should have to reflect on the complex nature of history.

And if you don’t think that this country is starting to look like Nineteen Eighty-four, you aren’t paying attention.

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