Theater of Tragedy was a Gothic Metal band from Norway. While they didn’t invent the Beauty and the Beast singing style, they were the first to devote an entire album to the style. While I find a lot of Gothic Metal brooding, their use of “angelic sopranos” and the death growl works. At least for this song. They called it quits in 2010.

This song is “Venus” by Theater of Tragedy from their 1998 album Aégis. (If you’re having trouble understanding the lyrics, that’s because a good portion of it is in Latin. See this link for the lyrics.) If YouTube trips over your browser’s privacy settings and tells you the video is unavailable use the link provided.

‡ Beauty and the Beast style is the juxtaposition of clear soprano with a more aggressive style from a male singer, usually a Death Metal Death Growl. Often, the lyrics take the form of a conversation.

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