Why Does Everything Have to be WiFi Enabled?

In this case Canon cameras. Even DSLR cameras are vulnerable to ransomware.

More to the point, why aren’t WiFi enabled interfaces secure?

The hackers (white hat) showed that if a camera had WiFi turned on, and that camera was in range of their WiFi access point, they could encrypt the photos on the camera’s memory card.

Canon issued an advisory telling folks to avoid unsecured WiFi, turn off network functions and install a new security patch.

The issue affects most of Canon’s camera lineup, from the EOS 70D to the mirrorless EOS R. It might not be limited to Canon, either, as Check Point told The Verge that other manufacturers, which use the same PTP protocol, could also be vulnerable. [My emphasis.]

PTP or Picture Transfer Protocol is an Unauthenticated interface used by a lot of cameras and software.

Could manufacturers of everything please check to see if they have

  1. any non-secure interfaces
  2. hard-coded passwords or other backdoors

and get rid of them immediately? Probably not.