Yet Another .gov Agency Hit By Ransomware

Second time in two weeks for this county. Another county agency hit by ransomware. No ransom has been requested with the 2nd attack.

The Sheriff’s office is still recovering their servers.

This time, it was servers within Lincoln County Communications that were hacked. Issues were discovered by Lincoln County Information Technology staff around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 6, according to a press release issued by Bill Gibbs, director of the Lincoln County Communications Center.

Not sure why the delay in reporting…

911 calls are still being handled, but data is going out to police, etc. via radio, not over their computers.

We’re taking 9-1-1 calls as we did before we got the servers,” Atkins said. “First responders just won’t receive the data over a computer, it’ll come over the radio. That’s the way we did it for years. It’s hard to say if this will slow down response time but I would say it would be negligible.

I’m sure “negligible” was not how it was described when the funding request for the new 911 communications was proposed.