Family Members of Kid Shot in Self-defense Are Unhappy

JusticeOh, and Cook County prosecutors agree, there should be no consequences for your actions. (Or the foreseeable consequences they produce.) Family Distraught After Boy Is Shot Dead In Lake County, Cousins Charged With Murder Despite Not Pulling Trigger.

Let’s start off with the Law, which has been around for 200 years. (Though Illinois had to put it back on the books in 2017.) And note that the following phrase clearly implies that they want it to be gone. “Still Stands?” in 88 percent of all states. Including Illinois.

The statute still stands in 44 states.

So when “Professional Journalists” (like at the Tribune) try to call this an obscure law, know that they are lying through their teeth. It’s what they do, when presented with inconvenient facts.

And the prosecutors?

“I would not have charged murder in this case,” said CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller, a former Cook County prosecutor.

Because in Cook County, there are no consequences. Unfortunately for the criminals in this case, they were not in Cook County, and Lake County has a different attitude toward law and order, and no desire to turn into the mess that is Cook County. (Take a look at Chicago’s Crime statistics from HeyJackass!)

The relatives? One kid died, and those who were arrested are his cousins. (How do you spell “Family Values?”)

The family of the teens is holding onto hope that an injustice won’t happen to their teens.

Because being held accountable would be an injustice. Or something.

The Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim doesn’t see it as an injustice, and is standing by his decision to charge those responsible for creating the situation that brought about murder, with murder. (More from Mike Nerheim at this link.)

For the mother of the dead kid saying it’s not fair, see Relatives of Dead Criminals Don’t Like Self-defense. For details on the original crime see Felony Murder in Illinois, and for the Fake News/Lying Media there is the post Lies, Damn Lies and Media Bias.

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