“Intoxicated with a gun is a recipe for disaster.”

He suffered a failure of the victim-selection process. Man with gun is shot while allegedly menacing Taylorsville homeowner, neighbor.

A drunk guy shows up at a home, with a gun, and starts “menacing” the homeowner.

A neighbor who saw what was going on went into his own home and came back out with his own gun, which he put in his waistband, Hansen said.

The homeowner who was hosting the children’s party walked over to talk with his neighbor.

“The suspect returned and engaged both of them, and then he pulled out the gun,” Hansen told Gephardt Daily. “He was pointing the gun at both of them, at the homeowner and the neighbor. And the neighbor pulled out his own gun and shot him and he went down.”

He was a “restricted person,” so he should never have had a gun, according to current gun laws. Would another law mitigate the situation?

The guy who got shot is in a local hospital. Cops are treating it like self-defense, but the Prosecutor makes determinations about prosecutions.

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