Ransomware Attacks on Cities, Schools and Dentists

People need to figure out how to work with data that is NOT online. Because if you don’t have the resources to defend your data, it will be encrypted. Cybercriminals Attacking Schools, Governments With Ransomware.

Cybercriminals are wreaking havoc across America in recent months, with the latest target being local governments and even schools.

A school in Orange County, New York, was all set to welcome students back from summer vacation on Wednesday, but a ransomware attack has delayed the start of the school year.

As many have said, the smaller cities and schools are not spending money on cybersecurity. Which at this point, they need to seriously consider doing, or they should consider stopping with the “put all the data online” push.

And the dentists? Ransomware Attack on Digital Dental Records Impacts Many Providers.

The computers systems of a large number of US dental offices were infected with ransomware on Monday, [week ago] after a malware attack on the Digital Dental Record and PerCSoft’s cloud remote management software. The impacted providers are still attempting to recover access to their patient data and systems.

And also Ransomware Bites Dental Data Backup Firm. Attacks on service providers mean one attack can impact multiple offices/sites, whether that be dentists, doctors, cities or schools.

Attacks on hospitals and larger clinics remain common, but cities and schools are more likely to be in the news.

And sadly, things will get worse before they get better.