GamerGate is Back In the News

Because Social Justice Warriors never get tired of beating a dead horse. This all started because of Vox Day and A fake conservative’s fake history of GamerGate.

Neoclown Ekaterina Jung is more concerned with attempting to gatekeep conservatives and keep them away from those unsavory nationalists who might actually try to win rather than go down in graceful defeat than she is in actually addressing any of the actual history in an article that purports – mostly falsely – to explain GamerGate four years later

But let’s turn to the rebuttal that Vox Day cites. (Almost) Everything You Know About GamerGate is Wrong, by Cathy Young.

Harassment campaign? Misogynist hate mob? Alt-right test run? It’s much more complicated.

The Media loves to paint things in simple turns. Sometimes I think that is because they are simple people. Look at all the times they resort to stupid measurements in articles about science and engineering. (“The width of a human hair” is NOT a scientific unit-of-measure.) But the world is a complicated place, and it is hard to fit complicated things into a two minute sound-bite, or to write about nuanced situations when you are keeping your articles at the 5th grade reading level (or wherever the average newspaper article is today.) Besides, they want to make it Us vs Them, and they want to paint the Them as being stupid and bad. (They can’t quite use the word “evil” because that would imply the Good vs Evil dichotomy, and THAT is too close to religion.)

Medium lists that article by Cathy Young as an 18 minute read, so get a cup of coffee, or your beverage of choice, and have at it.