PETA, et al Screaming About Cruelty in Three, Two, …

Because killing rats would be cruel. Or something. Rats Drowned In Boozy Soup Paraded As Answer To Rodent Problem.

Actually most of the reactions so far can be summed up as, “Gross!” PETA, and the rest, have been surprisingly quiet.

“We used this building as a laboratory,” [Borough President] Adams said. “We had a rat infestation…but you don’t see that any longer because of the month that we had this rat trap here.”

Four of the traps, rectangular boxes that trap the rats in a deadly alcohol-based solution, were put around Borough Hall about 40 days ago and have caught more than 100 of the rats so far.

This is pretty typical of the response… Join Us in Being Traumatized by Brooklyn’s Disgusting New Way of Killing Rats. Because the completely out-of-control rat problem in large cities isn’t traumatic in any way.