They Waited HOURS….

They need a new set of procedures and priorities, and someone clearly needs to get hit with the Cluebat. Students Rejoice: School District Closed by Ransomware Attack.

The district learned of a “cybersecurity issue” on Wednesday morning.

That would seem to imply that they aren’t complete idiots. They detected ransomware (or something anyway) before everything was encrypted. But then they acted like typical bureaucrats/typical head-in-the-sand idiots.

By 3 PM, the district made the decision to cut internet connectivity from all its facilities so the infection wouldn’t spread.

Did they think it was going to get better on its own? Did they think they had the one variety of ransomware that wasn’t going to try and encrypt all the things? Why did they wait? It couldn’t be that no one wanted to take responsibility for shutting things off. Bureaucrats never work to avoid responsibility. Besides, disconnecting the schools from the internet migh upset someone important. (No F*c*book!) </sarcasm>