Do You Think The Rules Apply To Cops?

They certainly don’t think the rules apply to them. All Charges Dropped Against S.I. Repo Man Who Tried to Repossess an NYPD Detective’s Car.

He was trying to repossess a car, but it happened to belong to an NYPD detective. The detective apparently thought he could keep his car even if he didn’t pay his loan. (Those pesky rules again.) So all his buddies in blue arrest the repo guy, boot his truck and charge him with a couple felonies and a bunch of misdemeanors. (Can’t have people thinking that the rules apply to cops.)

The original incident was in May. The felonies disappeared right away, and the misdemeanors were finally dropped. Still, the process is the punishment. He spent 20 hours in jail. And…

Still, Rodriguez says he is out thousands of dollars in earnings because the police placed a boot on his rig for nearly two weeks.

And he had a Go Pro camera, that was recording, but of course the cops destroyed the evidence, and I do mean “of course they did.” What did you expect them to do with evidence they don’t like? Turn it over to the DA?

He’s filed a claim against the NYPD as a whole and the 2 officers who were acting like jack-booted thugs. Or maybe they weren’t acting.

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