Why Are Lead Pipes Still in Our Water System?

How long has it been since we knew lead was an issue? Lead in NJ water: Plan to replace residential pipes in Bergen, Hudson stuck in legal limbo.

A plan to offer a discounted rate to Bergen and Hudson county residents to replace lead pipes that connect their homes to water mains has become mired in a six-month legal quagmire over who will ultimately pay for the new pipes, hampering efforts to remove the dangerous metal from the water system.

I have an ideal. Let’s take all the money we give to Mexico in “foreign aid” and also the money we give to every other country that is dumping “refugees” on us, and just pay to replace all the lead pipes. I bet we could get it done is a couple of years. And if that isn’t enough, we could take the budgets for the ATF, the Dept. of Education, and maybe a few others. “It’s for the children!”