He Was Out On Personal Recognizance. Now He’s Dead

Bail Reform claims another victim. Teen who shot HPD officer was out on bond: Records.

He was arrested on trespass and carjacking charges. He was release on “Bond.” (Is PR really a bond?) Then he, and three others, got into it with a cop. There was a struggle for the officer’s weapon, and the cop ended up being shot in the leg, and facing a 5 hour surgery. The kid who was out on “bond” was shot and killed. Of the other three miscreants, two are in custody, one ran.

A 29-year-old Houston police officer is out of surgery and walking after being shot by a suspect on Thursday.

The four started the night by carjacking an SUV, but it was nearly out of gas, so a short time later they committed robbery. Against a priest.

“A priest. You heard that right. A priest in the parking lot was approached by four black males,” [HPD Chief Art] Acevedo said.

“This priest has indicated he was on his knees praying for his life,” Acevedo said.

It seems to have paid off in this case because their gun jammed, they did beat him and take 2 cellphones, but they didn’t shoot him.

Then they committed another robbery a short time later. And then police spotted them.

So, according to the bail reform crowd, was letting this kid out on PR bond a good thing, or a bad thing? (Second City Cop would say, “the self-cleaning oven is in action.” But he is jaded and cynical.)

And about 48 hours after his surgery, the officer, is up and walking.