What Anti-vaxxers Have Achieved

Pretty much what would be expected. Measles cases skyrocket.

At least 1,241 people — many of them school-aged children — contracted the viral infection across 31 states so far this year, according to the latest count by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which called it the highest number of reported cases in nearly a generation.

The rise comes amid increased demand for vaccine exemptions as parents, some dubious of government control or worried about the now-debunked link between immunization and autism, seek to opt their children out of the mandatory shot schedule.

And it isn’t just that “if I vaccinate my kids, I’m OK” because for 3% of the population, the measles vaccine fails. In general, that number is small enough that they would be protected by a more completely vaccinated population.

Affects of measles can include permanent hearing loss, permanent brain-damage and death.

3 thoughts on “What Anti-vaxxers Have Achieved

  1. Can also cause sterility in adult males too. I still suspect that the reason Bill Clinton never released his medical records is that it would show he had measles in college, was infertile, and therefore, Chelsapig was Vince Foster’s child.
    Anti-vaxxers and not very bright people.


  2. Measles in the school age cohort is generally mild with only very rare long term side effects. Before a vaccine was available virtually ALL kids got it in grade school, recovered and we’re essentially immu e to it for life. Now measles is rare. So the here has NO immunity outside of vaccination. Thus when someone who grows up without having the disease and without being vaccinated if they cross paths with the disease they are almost guaranteed to be infected…..it is VERY contagious. And if they are post pubescent they are going to get much sicker and suffer serious side effects. Measles is a mild disease in children but deadly in adults. Anti vaxxers make these adult infections virtually guaranteed. In reality society would be better served by not vaccinating for childhood diseases and allowing the herd to gain immunity the natural and more effective way. Many vaccines have higher risks than others while offering minimal benefit when compared to important vaccines like for Polio or Smallpox which caused serious illness and death.


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