Audio of “Shots Fired,” a Cop Shot, and Radio Chaos

An incident occurred on Staten Island where an officer, responding to a domestic-violence call, was shot. ‘I’m shot’: Dramatic NYPD scanner audio captures first moments after police-involved shooting.

This is interesting because it points out something that the cop-shows and movies seem to ignore/gloss-over. The chaos of a radio channel when multiple people are all trying to talk at once. In this case the dispatcher can’t even get a clear response to “what is the location of the 10-13?” because of insanity. Even calls for a clear channel, seem to be ignored.

The cop was shot in the hand, when the subject pulled a gun, and there was struggle to control that weapon. The subject was shot 3 times, and died as a result of those injuries.

One thought on “Audio of “Shots Fired,” a Cop Shot, and Radio Chaos

  1. The show “Live PD” does a good job of showing the fog of war as it relates to radio calls, and cops giving conflicting information and orders, with Dispatch relaying improper info and everything else that can go wrong.

    It’s sobering to watch 5 cops, guns drawn, each shouting conflicting orders at 1 suspect, who is so confused as to who to listen to you can actually see their bodies try to move in opposite directions.

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