“A community trying to understand what happened”

So the media is still obsessing over the self-defense shooting in Georgia, which is probably a good thing in the long run. Police report reveals new details about scene where teens were killed in shootout with homeowner.

Three teens, armed with a Glock pistol, and with their faces covered, suffered a breakdown of the victim-selection process. The three were killed when the homeowner – or the son of the homeowner, reports have been conflicting – opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle. (And they refuse to characterize it as an assault weapon, even though a neighbor described it that way.)

On Wednesday, more than 300 hundred people returned to the very spot to hold a vigil, calling for healing. There were families and a community trying to understand what happened – as they grieve.

What happened? Three young men who didn’t learn that actions have consequences, or that stealing is wrong, because actually teaching stuff from the Judeo-Christian tradition would be oppressive. Or something. “Live by the sword; die by the sword.”

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  1. The police and media refuse to call these weapons “assault rifles” when they are used for legal self defense as doing so contradicts the medias standard never ending mantra that “assault rifles” are evil and only used for crimes. This is why when you see images in the media of badgemonkeys all suited up like commandos carrying AR pattern rifles they are NEVER called “assault rifles”….but are called something else like ‘long guns’, ‘patrol rifles’ etc.


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