Even in an Upscale Neighborhood, Bad Things Happen

This video highlights the fact that you are not protected by your zip code. That is something I say regularly, but I’m not sure people believe it. Active Self Protection: First Dates Usually Don’t End Like This.

This incident, in which no one was hurt BTW, took place in an expensive apartment building in San Francisco, a REALLY expensive city. That goes to the point about zip codes. Here is a nice place, with a 24hr concierge service, and you end up in the middle of a violent encounter. And it points out that those expensive flashlights that everyone has in their EDC these days, really can pay off.

The followup interview with the Good Guy in the video isn’t as good as I hoped, but it is OK if you have the time. An Interview with Will (from today’s ASP Main video).

I’ve only been an on-again-off-again fan of Active Self Protection. I’m not really sure why. (It isn’t like I don’t have enough other demands on my time or anything!), but a lot of the videos are first-rate, and there is always a lesson to be learned. Actually some of the videos are classic.