Is a Corrupt Illinois Politician News?

JusticeExcuse me a Judge. Maybe that is news. Illinois panel removes DuPage County judge from bench.

Well Judge, Politician. Tomato, To-mah-toe. Putting the Criminal in the Criminal Justice System.

The unanimous ruling agreed with the state’s Judicial Inquiry Board, which alleged that O’Shea made false and misleading statements to Wheaton detectives about a September 2017 case in which he was accused of shooting a bullet through the wall of his apartment. He was acquitted of that charge.

The inquiry board also accused O’Shea of trying to retaliate against two female court employees who accused him of sexual harassment.

Home state of Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich, and adopted home of Barack Obama. And Hillary Clinton, since she was born in Chicago, and grew up in Park Ridge. (Not quite “The Land Beyond O’Hare,” but definitely suburbia. And definitely Chicagoland.)

2 thoughts on “Is a Corrupt Illinois Politician News?

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  2. Me mum was born in 1930s Chicago. Da was from S. Chicago which is actually in Indiana. I have kin still in them parts. They all have personal anecdotes of Chicago corruption. In the case of an uncle, he was very much inside the machine. Other kin were Alderman or block reps. The hate to love the goings-on but love it they do. It’s the city motto much like Las Vegas is ‘sin city’ or Reno is the ‘biggest little city’.


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