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A bit late, but not as late as I was running on Wednesday. I suppose that means there has been progress. Of a sorts. I hope your weekend is off to a good start.

The Gateway Pundit – Mike Pompeo on Democrat Thugs in Congress: They Violated Rules – Told State Dept. Officials “Not to Contact” Legal Counsel before Testimony (VIDEO)

David Thompson – Titans Walk Among Us

Fearless masked heroes harass and berate the elderly and disabled.
For “social justice,” no doubt.

Legal Insurrection – Racial Attack Used by Media to Smear Mike Pence’s Wife Revealed as Hoax

Victory Girls – To The Republicans Who Are “Tired,” Suck It Up Buttercup ALSO Antifa: Don’t Blame Us For Bullying An Elderly Woman And Calling Her A Nazi!

Da Tech Guy – This is the Part Where we Throw our Heads Back and Laugh

You mean this new “woke” direction isn’t boosting sales? Who wouda thought it? BWAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

Babalú Blog – British tourists held hostage in Cuba tell tale of woe

O, the outrage! O, the injustice! Superior beings from the United Kingdom were held hostage and threatened with imprisonment by inferior Cubans.

Book Worm Room – Progressives See Themselves As Above The Law And The Rest Of Us As Below It

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ – “Anti” Fascists Block, Scream At Elderly Woman For Crime Of Trying to Cross Street (With Help of a Rolling Walker)

Ninety Miles from Tyranny – Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Fun Playhouse

Bacon Time – Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned…………….. Watching an NFL game isn’t a mortal sin.

Gun Culture 2.0 – You Are The Weapon (Force Readiness, Part 3)

Red Right Videos – Dairy Queen Enraged Every Democrat With Warning Sign To Liberals That Went Up Overnight! Brilliant! A Snowflake-free Zone.

Stately McDaniel Manor – The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 58: Fraud?

Pirate’s Cove – ICE Blasts Wake County Sheriff For Releasing Illegal Convicted Of Sexual Assault On A Minor

Monster Hunter International – And To Think Authors Were Once Gullible Enough To Think These Bossy Assholes Mattered (and also, Dan Simmons is Awesome)

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