Do Prosecutors Have to Follow the Rules?

JusticeIt can be hard to tell the good guys, from the bad guys. Arizona appeals court to consider how alleged prosecutor misconduct affected Jodi Arias murder trial.

Apparently this guy didn’t think rules applied to him.

Martinez faces a slew of allegations in connection with Arias’ case, including that he began a sexual relationship with a blogger writing about the trial and then used her to dig up information on the juror, according to the Phoenix New Times.

The Maricopa County prosecutor allegedly wanted “information that might disqualify her from continuing the deliberation.”

Also in the list of charges… He was in a relationship with a juror, and lied about it. He is accused of making “sexual remarks” about a county employee. (Is that harassment, or creating a hostile work environment?) And there are ethics complaint going back almost to the start of his career. Putting the “Criminal” in Criminal Justice System.

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