RobinHood Ransomware Ups Its Game

Ransomware as a business, means marketing will play a role. RobbinHood Ransomware Using Street Cred to Make Victims Pay.

RobinHood was the ransomware responsible for the Baltimore outage. The number referenced for what the city spent on remediation (they did NOT pay the ransom) is 10 million dollars. That’s a bit disingenuous, because a fair amount of that money was for new equipment. And they spending even more to harden their infrastructure. I would argue that is money they should have spent BEFORE they were hit. But hey, I’m not in politics.

The operators behind the RobbinHood ransomware have changed their language in the ransom note to take from victims all hope of decrypting the files for free and to make them pay for the recovery.

Boastful and arrogant in their message, the cybercriminals point to past incidents involving their ransomware, which ended with victims paying much more than the ransom demand.

Is there any politician or corporate drone who can say, after their organization gets hit with ransomware, that the attack was “unexpected?” Of course their are; I forget that they are paid to lie every day.

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