When Seconds Count, Paramedics Are Only Minutes Away

New Jersey is taking an interesting step. WHEN EVERY SECOND COUNTS: Volunteers Get Emergency Care Training.

Since paramedics can’t be everywhere, and it will take them time to reach people in an emergency, they are deploying volunteers with training and the correct tools. In this case, that is a defibrillator, oxygen, and a “comprehensive” first aid kit.

I wonder if New Jersey will make the same connection about “When seconds count…” and police. Probably not. This is New Jersey, after all. Well, a small section of New Jersey, anyway.

So is this the medical militia?

One thought on “When Seconds Count, Paramedics Are Only Minutes Away

  1. Okay So, if a “Volunteer” does CPR/Defib,and patient is still unresponsive but alive. Now the Paramedics arrive. Try to revive him but fail. Family now sues because “NON PROFESSIONALS” tried to save him. They argue the vollies had minimal training. They did more damage and that’s why the paramedics couldn’t save him! LOL, not to mention the potential RACIAL implications if the White volunteer is unsuccessful in resuscitating the black patient. Ghetto lottery.


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