Police in the UK Failing Victims of Sexual Violence

They couldn’t even be bothered to do the minimum required paperwork in one case. Police officers discouraged child rape victim from reporting attack, investigation finds.

Two police officers called to reports of a 15-year-old girl being raped in a car park questioned the victim’s credibility and discouraged her from reporting the attack, an investigation has found.

She did proceed. The guy was arrested and sent to prison. No thanks to these 2. And the “punishment” they received will ensure that nothing changes. That punishment was written reprimands. Yeah, that will make them sit up and pay attention.

The case was revealed after the proportion of reported rapes prosecuted in England and Wales fell to just 1.5 per cent, sparking legal action against the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

More details at the story, including more personal accounts of how the justice system in the UK is broken.

And it’s the UK, so all the women have been disarmed for their own safety. Or something.

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  1. The fashionable faiths need women to be far more subdued to move strongly into the UK> I think there has been a policy of non safeguarding towards certain minors and adults. The police themselves have complained over lack of movement in grooming cases all over the country. The minute they say anything often they are removed from office or warn for spurious reasons about their positions. Perhaps lost women will be more easier to convince faith is what they are missing….??? what a joke.

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