Self-defense Is Legal in Wisconsin

Even in a blue state… District attorney: Labor Day shooting in Maple was self-defense.

There was a shooting on Labor Day. The details are bit convoluted. All this over an ATV.

So they were going to pick up an ATV. During that, there was an “altercation.” The guy who go shot said some things and chambered a round in his handgun. The guy doing the shooting then chambered a round in his rifle, and shot the other guy. He then took the pistol, dropped the magazine, ejected the cartridge from the chamber and threw the gun away.

“Based upon its review of the incident, this office does not believe criminal charges are warranted against the alleged shooter in connection with this incident,” District Attorney Mark Fruehauf said in a Friday, Oct. 11, news release.

Wisconsin law allows a person to use deadly force in self-defense under certain circumstances, he said, and the state would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person wasn’t acting in self-defense.

The guy who got shot is facing charges. Felony stupidity is not among them.

Self-defense is a human-right.